Sunday, December 13, 2009

dog-eared books, and broken records, lost letters of love.

Firstly, as I write this I must tell you I have a chocolate smelling itchy face mask on? Hmm, slightly nice, but jeez do I want to scratch at it. I'm also flicking back between scores from 'New Moon' and 'H-P and the half blood prince' - whilst deciding weather to have my shower next.. or after the pile or History and Art Studdies work? - Oh it's a lovely life.

So as I have a little amount of money left over from my Birthday- I had a mad flick session of websites, and came across a few lovelys that have now been posted to my letter box, can not wait... hopefully they arrive before wednesday? Highly doubtful : ).
I have this odd idea for dying my hair like dark berry colour? It's bold idea that might go horribly wrong, but I can't work out if it will suit me or wash me out and make me look like a dick?
Only a week left or 3 acidemic days left? Greaaat, they are going to goo soo slowly. How unfair does this sound, Friday is my last day of term - and as school we join up to have a big assembly about Christmas and studdies and how we are copping as a school this term, blah. But before that we MUST have 2 lessons, which by my timetable happen to be science and math, and it wont be free period because we're cramming for exam prep? Ghey to an absoult point!

Oh dear me, we have a house task day on thursday, well basicaly its just random lessons of possible' dance, p.e, paper folding shit, catwalk task, ect ect. It never goes smoothly as much as the teachers pray for. On top of it, I'm missing double drama, so anoying, I do love my class. Plus we have to wear house colours, green( pea green? ) I'd rather not? But hopfully somthing funny will happen again this year, like running around school going of task in the scav hunt? : )
HAHAHA, oh dear my music just turned full blast? ouch!
I think I might be going to canada next summer, to see my beloved Alice, can not wait, I truely love my Dadkins if it happens, I'm stoked to go.

Oh dear I am sooo tres tired and its only 8? whoa I thought it was acturaly 6? Well the pile of work is screaming out to me, and it knows I'll get in trouble if I don't complete it.
Much Love xoxo
- R

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

whats that look on your face, stop guessing baby

Hello long lost blog;
It's been years- well months, I feel kind of guilty for not posting in a while, but I've been busy, reaaal busy - course work, reading, running, polyvore ( btw polyvore has taken my life away, do please check them out )

But I am officaly back baby, this blog is loong, I warn to those who dare read ; )

So alot has happend in the 3 months I;ve been away- Alot of drama which in any case is not good and should not be discussed. But there are plenty good things for example'

Christy Hols are very soon, I have my two way ticket to Ireland too see my mommy, second time flying alone, slightly scared but hey ho - ho ho ho - possible shopping in Dublin and just chilling with the Momsey good times ahead. Also my Nanners bought me this cute little dress from Asos that made my day Loooove her.
Blimmin looove it, soo cute! Anyway I hope everyone has the Christy lists and stockings up.... I clearly don't but Hey its only the 8th of December? My gosh I hope my Daddy comes home with the tree today, it doesnt smell all piney at home, a small let down in the month of December.
For all whom have exams in the next few months good luck I wish the best, knowing how you feel, it sucks with preasure, study hard and get the grades you want.
Can I just say on behalf for everyone who has a stressed out teacher, or a truely crap lesson, I plan on doing somthing brilliant, just make the day one of those memoires, for example get the whole class to laugh at somthing brilliant you say, or make the teacher do some crazed expriment, trust me it will lighten your mood : )
So, I am currently wondering if infact snow will at all happen this year? I mean its freezing all the time, and its sunny and cloudy all signs hinting... but nothing, I might see if I can get the whole of BookFace to wish on a certain day for snow, how cool would that be? Genious!
Right soo in the last two weeks of school there have been big plans for my work, lessons and school days;the low down being;
English course work - Bring it on Oliver Twist you shexy B*tch
Maths Prep work - mocks in feb
Science Prep work - Exam In Jan
Art Studdies - blimmin portfolio!
Half day? Sounds good to me, Form task day, frick! It wont' be good. Christy Assembly- BAHAHA simply cant wait for what Kilby's Mr E. comes up with, another round of antlers maybe? or possible tinsle?
Any way, I really could do with washing my hair, doing some art and carring on my conversation with the lovely Eileenonator, so bon voyage dear ones.
- R xox