Saturday, October 10, 2009

peachy keen on you...

So I have a fair amount of work for monday, including, revising for German speaking exam && Math study, History saxons, and most importantly, English course work begins. However I am prepared for work session tomorrow, but I am tres happy that Tuesday is a day off. To london the Girlies go, shopping & starbucks and alot of photo's, it will be alot of fun. I have been looking at Topshop's tunics, a) because I do love them, b) because I have a bit of money, what sucks though, is I can not make my choice on colour, its a choice between, Nude, Navy, Black? If only they where cheap and I'd get all three.
It was an odd day, everybody was out, even the cats, so the house felt lonely and silent, however I made a list of things that must be done:
  1. Update Ipod - 30 new songs- done
  2. Tidy room, rearange things - done

  3. Make a new book list, amazon - done

  4. Look at topshop tunics- done

  5. Look for red riding hood cape - Decided to make myself, thanks to sewing machine
  6. Yoga, i do love it. - Later tonight

ect ect the list goes on for a while to about 28? As it is, my birthday is soon, infact I think its 9 days away, and my grandma has been bugging me for a list of things, unfortunatly for her, all I came up with was a fashion book and a new tinted light bulb ( it makes my room feel warm).

I am greatly looking forward to friday 16th, as it is the Art clans trip to Churt Sculpture Park, Alot of photography & sketches and walking but should be alot of fun. I have seen many pictures of the Park and it look a fantastic place lots of trees aswell. Ontop of the trip, it is my B-Party, all the Girlies around, Pizza & Films & Gossip and other things :) So happy to have everyone coming, looking forward to it. Oh and I have just rememberd that my mommy is back down, can not wait to see her again, possible trip out aswell!

I am getting very excited to see the up-coming episodes of Gossip Girl, and mainly because I love/adore/wish i was, Blair/Leighton, I personaly think her fashion on and off screen is the best, I love all the dresses and back when Blair was at High-school, the personalsed Uniform- My kinda style! I am currently thinking about changing my hair style, either a blunt or shoppy fringe, or perhaps and big change of colour, Red? Like the singer from Florence & the machine. However knowing my lack of couriage, I will probably end up going back to natural black, bless that colour. I have recently realised that I Hate my body so with no need for comments I am going on a serious diet ( which will hopefully not last just two days) and although I do yoga alot, have started serious work out involving,, Situps, Squats, Crunches, bicycle stretches ect. I am already notticing the difference after about a week of this work out, keep going and hopefully will be a more slimmer figure much like my beautiful friends :)

Much Love, xox

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  1. aww, i miss the old days when blair was at constace ahaaa xxx