Monday, October 12, 2009

Like an Indian summer...

I have fallen in love with this little necklace that I found on Asos, there are a few others simillar to it such as a cupcake and a icecream Sundea but this is my favourite. I really think its so cute and if i find somthing slightly cheaper but similar I will be over the moon although £14 isn't that bad?

I have recently been listening to alot of cover music, such as :
  • Adele - black and gold

  • Tiao Cruz - this is an emergency

  • Sam Sparrow - American Boy

  • you me at 6 - poker face

  • Katy Perry - electric feel

All very good songs, but then i got started on listening other Katy Perry songs and now I am really hooked on Thinking of you - the acoustic version. :)

I have discovered a great talent on youtube called : Cloe beaudoin - Her covers of recent and old songs are simply amazing, her voice is probably one of the best i've heard, recomend that if you get a chance that you check out her video's. You'll be hooked :) link to one of her covers- The fray Never say Never :)

I have recently been looking at books because my collection is slowly depleting, I like to read- ALOT. Probably some of my favourite writers are; Sarah Dessen(lock and key, the truth about forever, this lullaby) Susane Colasanti ( when it happends, take me there) Lousie Stolarz( Deadly little secrets, Deadly little Lies) ShakeyP( Romeo & Juliet ) Meg Rosof (How i live now) ect ect, i like romatic books :) And yes yes everyone has read twilight, and yes i do enjoy them, however everyone knows to read them so I recomening other boooks.

I was looking around on random websites for clothes idea's and came across a few things I really love from Forever21 ;

I think there absoultly brilliant personaly i favour the Cleveland sweater & the Coat the most. Its a little from my perosnaly style but I go with what i really like, maybe in the near future it will be possible to ship them over - fingers crossed-.

Much love, xoxo

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